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Cesc Casanovas, Carlos Cañeque, Tony Corvillo, Pere Costa, Cristina Gàmiz, Fermí Reixach, Nya de la Rubia, Míriam Tortosa
Carlos Cañeque
A film director wants to make a film about a priest who goes mad. To define his character, he imagine three possible scenarios: the first is an Andalusian priest who has stolen several kilos of wafers to take communion more times (snacks wafers is made with bread with tomato); the second is an American Catholic priest who has a TV program in which delusional euphoric shouts biblical interpretations (as stating that Jesus is very friendly and is "committed suicide" by all of us); the third is a priest who is believed Jesus Christ and makes strange miracles, like turning an Argentine waiter in a chihuahua dog. A handsome "Don Juan" seduces several women with implacable mastery and then he humiliates them. One day, the priest believes that Jesus Christ is a madman who believed himself Napoleon. The two begin to walk toward Jerusalem and Egypt. A surreal and absurd atmosphere will be imposing on their trip.
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